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Teresa Fedor
Fedor, Manning Announce Bill to Extend Flexibility and Support for Schools in 2020-2021 School Year 
August 27, 2020
Today, state Senators Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) and Nathan Manning (R-North Ridgeville) announced legislation that would provide flexibility and support to Ohio's schools through the 2020-2021 school year by extending provisions made in House Bills 164 and 197 this spring. 
"As schools begin to reopen in the fall, as Covid-19 continues to surge in our state, districts will need the same flexibility and support from the legislature that they were granted during the 2019-2020 school year," said Manning.  
Senate Bill 358 provides an extension of the enacted education moratoriums House Bills 164 and 197 provided as emergency relief for Ohio’s families and schools during the Covid-19, including:

  • Waiving cancelled end-of-course tests and requiring the Ohio Department of Education to request a waiver for federally mandated assessments

  • Freezing report cards and related negative sanctions including new state takeovers and EdChoice districts

  • Extending teacher and principal evaluations, student promotions and graduation flexibility for the 2020-21 school year

“We need to be proactive as we reopen schools in the fall. Extending these provisions will allow schools to focus on what is most important: the safety and education of our children,” said Fedor.
Senate Bill 358 will now be referred to the Senate Education Committee for consideration.
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