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Teresa Fedor
Fedor Statement on 25th Anniversary of DeRolph Ruling
March 24, 2022
Today, state Senator Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) released the following statement about the 25th anniversary of DeRolph v. State of Ohio:

"Today marks the 25th anniversary of DeRolph v. State of Ohio, which ruled that Ohio’s public school funding formula was “neither thorough nor efficient,” as required by the Ohio Constitution. While the operating budget adopted the Fair School Funding Plan for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school years, it’s crucial that we fully fund this plan to address this issue for the long term.

"I become infuriated when I stop and think about the time that has passed – and how little has changed – since this ruling. The kindergartners from my last class are around 30 years old now. Many of them have graduated high school, pursued higher education and some have even started families. This means that the majority of my last students’ lives – and now, their children’s lives – have been impacted by an unconstitutional school funding formula. They deserve better and real leaders must emerge to fix this problem. This formula has dictated their public schools’ ability to hire teachers, buy new books and supplies and provide adequate resources for their students. An unconstitutional formula with this much power has molded their entire education experience. 

"Our public school children have lived in two separate worlds during these 25 years: In one world, two generations of students have had access to the latest technology and resources. In the other world, two generations of students have attended schools with inadequate and outdated infrastructure and learning materials. These students have been fighting for equity while making do with what they had. They’ve been fighting for equity while taking standardized tests, graduating high school, applying for scholarships and even leaving their schools for college- or career-ready programs. 

"Our children deserve a strong, equitable education, no matter the zip code they live in. It is time we fully fund the Fair School Funding Plan and remedy the many failures of the old system. Above all, we must do this for our children; Ohio’s economic future depends on it. Without fully funded schools we get the some of the worst rankings in the nation. Ohio currently ranks 47 out of 50 states and Washington, D.C. on health value, 37 in healthcare spending, 32 in public health and prevention, 42 in infant mortality, 25 in mental health, 25 in gun safety and 23 in gun death rates, 31 in overall child well-being and 28 in education."
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