Senate District 11
Teresa Fedor
Fedor Urges Dewine To Deploy The Ohio National Guard
March 13, 2020

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and its spread to Ohio, state Senator Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) called on Governor Mike DeWine to deploy the Ohio National Guard to slow the spread of the virus and minimize its impact on Ohioans. 

“While dealing with one crisis, there must be foresight to avoid additional negative outcomes for our communities,” Fedor said. “We must develop an emergency preparedness plan to deal with the impact of a statewide shutdown, should it come to that. Our state must take proactive measures to avoid having to be reactive in a crisis.”

In her initial letter to DeWine, Fedor drew attention to the impacts that school shutdowns and workplace closures will have on Ohioans who are food insecure, as well as individuals who do not have health insurance or access to a doctor. Fedor also urged Governor DeWine to deploy the Ohio National Guard’s medical units across the state to increase the level of free testing, as well as establish separate care units for infected individuals. 

“We have seen how effective these measures have been in slowing the spread of the virus in other countries,” Fedor said. “We must protect the most vulnerable individuals and lessen the impact that this outbreak will have on our hospitals and emergency rooms.”

In response to her letter, DeWine’s office directed her to the Ohio Department of Health’s website. This prompted Fedor to send a second letter detailing further concerns, including the need for mobile testing units throughout the state and increased information provided to the state legislature and staff. 

“The reality in my district shows that our health department is being inundated with calls, and staff are being removed from other efforts to deal with this pandemic,” Fedor said. “Our offices can help disseminate correct information to the masses if we have it. I find it unacceptable that the elected members of the state legislature are finding out information at the same time as the general public.”

To read both letters follow the links below.

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