Senate District 11
Teresa Fedor
Senator Fedor Issues Statement
June 26, 2020
Today, state Senator Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) issued the following statement:
“Fighting this pandemic is a matter of public health, not political capital. When I heard that a staffer tested positive for the coronavirus, I made the decision to stay home and get tested – and have my staff do the same – to protect ourselves and avoid potentially spreading the disease further. However, I was disappointed to learn that not all of my colleagues or their staff had been informed of the confirmed case. Knowledge is power and in this case can save lives. This is HR 101 during a pandemic.

“The Statehouse is the people’s house and those who work here or come to testify or visit have a right to know if they may have been exposed to Covid-19. It is hypocritical to order schools and other businesses to take precautions and have procedures in place to reopen when this legislature is not willing to protect its own employees and Statehouse visitors. I personally refuse to play political games with people’s lives. For that reason, my office will remain closed and my staff will continue to work from home until there are agreed-upon health and safety protocols in place.

“I urge all Ohioans to help our state and nation get through this pandemic by wearing masks, social distancing, washing their hands and getting tested.”
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