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Bob D. Hackett
Hackett Honored by NFIB with Guardian of Small Business Award
June 5, 2019
Senator Bob Hackett was awarded the 2019 Guardian of Small Business, at NFIB Small Business Day at the Capitol.

COLUMBUS—State Senator Bob Hackett (R-London) today was presented with the Guardian of Small Business Award by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) for his efforts to support small business as a legislator.

"Small businesses are what drive Ohio’s economy," said Senator Hackett. "I look forward to continuing efforts to make our state an exceptional place to start and grow a small business."

Hackett recently joined his colleagues to pass Senate Bill 1, which will benefit the small business community by eliminating outdated, unnecessary government red tape and bring Ohio’s regulatory environment more in-line with national averages. 

Over the last several years, the Ohio Senate has focused on a number of pro-growth policies, including tax cuts and regulatory reforms, in an effort to strengthen the state's economy and remove unnecessary roadblocks to Ohioans trying to earn a living or start a new business.

The Guardian of Small Business award was first presented in 1988, honoring only 60 members of the state legislature in its 30-year history. NFIB is a small business association, promoting and protecting the right to own, operate and grow business. 

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