Senate District 10
Bob D. Hackett
Senate Passes Bill to Support Military Families Relocating to Ohio
March 28, 2019

COLUMBUS—The Senate passed legislation today, sponsored by State Senators Bob Hackett (R-London) and Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering), aimed at smoothing the employment transition for military husbands and wives who relocate to Ohio with their active duty spouse.

Specifically, the bill would require occupational licensing boards to reciprocate other state's licenses while they are stationed in Ohio.

"Through this legislation, we can help protect the financial stability of our service men and women, their spouses, and ultimately their families by simply making licenses temporarily valid in Ohio," said Hackett. “This would solve one of the biggest concerns of military members and their families when relocating to our state."

Senate Bill 7 will allow agencies to issue these certificates for up to six years, giving individuals substantial time to become licensed under Ohio law while still enabling them to practice their professions upon relocation to the state. This aims to solve a primary issue reported by service members when they transfer to a new location for duty.

"Being from the Dayton area, I have seen the impact that Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has on our constituents and overall economy. This bill makes us more welcoming of military families, and helps them get back to work when they relocate to our state," said Lehner.

Identified as a top priority by the Department of Defense, the legislation could impact Ohio's competitiveness in attracting new missions for Ohio's many military bases. 

Senate Bill 7 will now be sent to the House for further consideration. 

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