Senate District 30
Frank Hoagland
The 'Leather Chair Warrior'
A column by State Senator Frank Hoagland
August 17, 2021

Since 1982, I have been involved in nearly every major and minor conflict that the United States military has been present for, including several missions in Afghanistan, beginning in 2003.

I have learned about the cultures of people all over the world, and I know that the constant threat of terror the Afghan people face is very real. The chaotic way in which President Joe Biden withdrew from Afghanistan is dishonorable.

It threatens U.S. National Security and globally broadens the threat of terror.

We see the talking heads of the media perpetuate the anxieties of those paralyzed by fear. Most of these correspondents could care less about the very people impacted by those making decisions from some 'leather chair' in an ivory tower of power. 

Leather chair warriors have become the biggest obstacle and threat to law abiding citizens and men and women in uniform. 

We are a nation on edge. Our conscious and subconscious constantly attempts to comprehend the reactions of people living in fear because of decisions made by leather chair warriors, and reactions by the victims in peril.

My heart goes out to the families that have sons and daughters currently serving in our armed forces.

Fewer than 1% of Americans serve this great nation. These men and women, of all colors, religious and ethnic backgrounds, are once again on the front lines—the damn few.

Now, those same damn few have once again been commanded to carry out the orders made by people sitting in the comfort of their leather chair.

The abrupt decision to uproot the U.S. entirely from Afghanistan is one that was made at the hand of our nation's commander in chief, President Biden, another leather chair warrior— a polished politician. 

I hope these leather chair warriors at least made their beds this morning, because with a stroke of the pen they just changed the world. A world that will be more dangerous.

Media correspondents feel entitled, as if they are some super hero. In reality, they are becoming public enemy number one, knowingly or unknowingly spreading lies and political agendas that seek to distort the truth and keep "we the people" in the dark. 

My distrust only grows as I listen to these leather chair warriors look into a camera and put blame on party line politicians.

That is part of it, but the other part is the group of voters who believed the lies and slick media messaging and voted to put someone in office who has done very little in their life to prove their credibility and ability to lead. These groomed, elitist, polished politicians have sworn allegiance to a party rather than our country.

I don’t believe a party will get this country back on track. It must be done by the people; the people that love this country. 

Americans that stand for the flag, respect our freedoms, and each other.

This country was formed, built, and protected by the people— true patriots. This country was founded on principled Christian values and people who put God first, not politicians. 

I trust that God will open the eyes of the people that continue to elect leather chair warriors, that run on smoke and mirrors, not on platforms of truth and integrity and leadership.

I pray that our sons and daughters come home safely.

I hope the world understands that we never owned Afghanistan.  We were sent there to keep the Taliban and terrorists from attacking, to help the truly good people build a nation that can self-sustain and eventually be equipped to protect their own country.

Unfortunately, the ill-conceived, inept and panicked evacuation has left hundreds of thousands of people in the hands of the Taliban. Not only do our soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen, who sacrificed so much for 20 years, deserve better,  but the people of Afghanistan deserve better. 

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