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Jay Hottinger
Committee on Ohio College Affordability Releases Report of Recommendations
October 2, 2018

COLUMBUS—State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) today announced the release of the Joint Committee on Ohio College Affordability's report containing recommendations to address the cost of higher education.

The committee was created in House Bill 49, which also doubled the income tax deduction for college savings to $4,000 annually.

"I am proud of what we have accomplished in pursuit of the Ohio Senate’s goal to reduce the financial burden of higher education," said Hottinger, who serves on the Joint Committee. "I believe our recommendations reflect the commitment of both university and legislative leadership to relieve the financial burden of college through increased efficiency and productivity in our institutions." 

According to the Institute for Research on Higher Education, by 2025 it is expected that two out of every three Ohio jobs will require an associate's degree or higher. This creates a pressing need for lawmakers and higher education officials to continue to develop ways to make those degrees attainable and affordable so that students are prepared for success post-graduation.  

Over the last several months, the joint committee has actively engaged with students, administrators, university presidents and faculty to gain a better understanding of the cost drivers of higher education in Ohio. From those discussions, recommendations were made that reflect what the committee sees as the most pressing issues.

In addition to carefully considering issues related to two and four year degrees, the committee recognized the importance of including industry recognized credentials, certificates and licenses and other pathways toward a successful career.

"It has been an honor to work with so many advocates who are invested in our students and future workforce," said Senator Wilson, chairman of the Joint Committee. "While the progress does not stop here, I am proud of what we have accomplished in this committee. We need to make higher education and workforce training more attainable and change the way we think about value and affordability in Ohio." 

The recommendations are encompassed in five categories:

  • Increased Student Success and Completion

  • Predictability and Transparency in Pricing

  • Providing Accessible and Affordable Course Material

  • Incentivizing Pursuit of In-Demand Programs

  • FAFSA Completion and Preparing Students for College Attendance

For more information on the Joint Committee on Ohio College Affordability process, including hearing information and testimony, please visit the committee webpage by clicking here.

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