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Jay Hottinger
Hottinger Announces State Approval of Funds to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic
April 27, 2020

Columbus – State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) today announced the state's Controlling Board approval of additional funds aimed at combating the Coronavirus/COVID-19 health crisis. 
This is the second increase the board has approved regarding the Ohio Coronavirus Relief Fund from the CARES Act. The increase of $113.3 million is in addition to $173.9 million that was approved at the April 13th Controlling Board meeting.

The new funding will be allocated for:

  • $11.7 million for DAS to purchase PPE, including 17 million N95 masks

  • $52.45 million for DPS to purchase PPE for distribution to county EMAs, hospitals, and other medical facilities, and to cover costs at the State Emergency Operations Center

  • $11.9 million for DOH to purchase specimen collection kits, laboratory personnel costs and supplies, distribution of testing materials and medicines, develop technologies to alert users of localized outbreaks, and data analysis

  • $2.25 million for ADJ to establish temporary medical facilities, PPE purchases and pay for active duty pay for 750 National Guard and State Defense Forces

  • Establishes a new line item at OBM at $35 million to reimburse agencies without standalone Coronavirus Relief lines

“Today’s approval of federal funding brings our total spending to $287.2 million,” said Hottinger. “These funds will ensure that those on the front lines of this public health crisis have the resources they need to respond to the many challenges presented by COVID-19.”
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