Senate District 31
Jay Hottinger
Hottinger, Brenner Urge Congress to Fund the CHIPS Act
Funding Needed for Intel Project in Licking County
July 6, 2022
COLUMBUS—State Senators Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) and Andrew Brenner (R-Delaware) today introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 17, urging Congress to allocate funding to the CHIPS Act. The bill was passed by Congress in 2021 but has not had funds apportioned to it yet.

Funding for the CHIPS Act will impact the rate of manufacturing expansion in the United States, including Intel’s expansion into Licking County.

“A global shortfall in computer chips has stalled our country’s ability to manufacture the goods our consumers need, keeping us at a disadvantage in the global economy as we compete against China in chip production," said Hottinger. "Companies like Intel want to invest here in Ohio, but must have the resources to do so. Congress needs to fund the CHIPS Act so we can move U.S. manufacturing forward while ensuring the Buckeye State is part of this next step in our nation’s economic future.”

Funds for semiconductor companies are of significant importance to the industry and Ohio with Intel’s announced project to build two facilities in the state. Additionally, CHIPS Act funding will be of major betterment to the nation’s economy and national security.
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