Senate District 31
Jay Hottinger
Hottinger Disappointed by Closing of Former Manufacturing Giant, Pledges to Fight Against Job Loss
April 14, 2015

State Senator Jay Hottinger joins the Heath and Newark communities today in expressing disappointment at the closure of manufacturing company Meritor’s local plant, pledging to continue the effort to create more jobs. 
"Since its opening as a Rockwell facility, our community has played an important role at this facility in support of both defense and private service products,” said Hottinger. “Throughout the past seven decades, thousands of Licking County residents have found meaning employment and contributions from their work at this important facility."
Once a manufacturing powerhouse, Meritor will close its Licking County plant no later than September 30, 2015. Since its opening in 1951, the local plant of the Michigan-based company has manufactured parts for heavy-duty vehicles.
“In light of our community’s efforts to prevent this closure, we are sad to see Meritor go,” said Hottinger. “Nevertheless, we refuse to be discouraged. We will continue fighting to lower the cost of business and reduce barriers to economic growth in central Ohio so that the private sector can thrive.”

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