Senate District 31
Jay Hottinger
Senator Jay Hottinger Recognized for Principled Conservative Values
Receives 93% Score from American Conservative Union Foundation
April 30, 2019

COLUMBUS—State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) recently was recognized with an Award for Conservative Excellence from the American Conservative Union (ACU) Foundation. Holding a leadership role in the Ohio Senate Majority Caucus, he has helped guide the caucus toward having one of the highest average scores for any state senate caucus in the nation according to the 2018 State Legislative Ratings. As a whole, the caucus received an average score of 92%.

“I am honored to be recognized again for being a leading legislative body that is committed to upholding conservative and constitutional values that promote individual liberties, fiscal conservatism and advancing opportunities for all citizens," said Senate Majority Whip Jay Hottinger. "I am proud of the issues we have chosen to prioritize over the years, and it is clear they are having a positive impact on Ohioans' lives every day.”

The ACU Foundation considered more than a dozen key votes, including an effort to cut state regulations by 30 percent; a law to remove unnecessary licensing rules in order to expand Ohioans’ opportunities for employment; and several bills to protect unborn life. Key votes also included the Senate’s override of several gubernatorial vetoes, including a law to provide more legislative oversight of state agency regulations and a law to protect Ohioans’ Second Amendment right to self-defense.

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