Senate District 31
Jay Hottinger
Summer Fun in the 31st Senate District
A Guest Column by State Senator Jay Hottinger
July 20, 2022
COLUMBUS—Summer is in full swing and there is no better time to explore the vast variety of events, venues, and activities the 31st Senate District has in store. Whether with your family, friends, or just by yourself, Ohio has something to offer everyone to enjoy the sunny season. I wish to share with you some of my family’s favorite local destinations that make every summer a cherished memory.
The district I represent is teeming with beautiful parks and nature reserves, beckoning all to explore and enjoy the scenic environments they provide. For a quick getaway from it all, camp and hike in the majestic Dillon State Park located just outside of Newark. In Tuscarawas County, enjoy taking a stroll on the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail, connecting the heart of our state to its northern shores on Lake Erie. If the waterfront is your ideal vacation spot, Buckeye Lake in Licking and Perry Counties provides you the means to fish, swim, and boat without travelling too far from your neighborhood.
The history of Ohio is rich and diverse, stretching back centuries, and what better way to enjoy the summer than by experiencing our state’s past firsthand? Relive history at the revolutionary foundations of Ohio at Fort Laurens in Bolivar. Or travel even further back in time and visit the fantastic mounds constructed by the ancient Hopewell culture, including the Great Circle Earthworks and Octagon Earthworks of Licking County.
If you carry a penchant for Ohio’s more recent history, the 31st District contains many important historical institutes and heritage buildings. Museums like the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum in Coshocton, Museum of Clay Industry and Folk Art in New Philadelphia, the Ohio Center for History, Art, and Technology in Newark, the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum in Dennison, and countless more offer an in-depth historical dive into topics ranging from local events, railways, and art. Outside of museums, sites such as Zoar Village in Tuscarawas County and Roscoe Village in Coshocton County will give you a blast from the past and a living experience of pre-modern Ohio.
For a direct dive into the myriad of activities Ohio has to offer, look no further than the county fairs. Held individually in each county, these fairs provide citizens with great food, family-oriented fun, and a gathering point for all aspects of county culture to be put in the spotlight. From drag-racing at the Perry County Fair in New Lexington to having a picnic at the Hartford Fair in Licking County, citizens can find a vast assortment of activities and events to relish during the dog days of summer.
Some may wish for a simpler, more rustic refuge to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. If you fall into this category, you will find the perfect vacation destination in Amish Country. With its wide array of cultural attractions, cabins, and farm-to-table Amish restaurants, anyone seeking a serene place to enjoy the season will find it.
All of these examples are only a handful of the wide array of activities and vacation destinations that the 31st Senate District has to offer. To search the vast catalogue, visit one of the sites below.
Ohio Travel Guide:
Licking County:
Coshocton County:
Tuscarawas County:
Perry County:
Holmes County:
Amish Country:
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