Senate District 31
Jay Hottinger
August 14, 2015
Mom or Dad, you may be wondering how you might take a more active role in your child’s education. The tasks you can do are simple but important, and if done consistently can work wonders in getting your student excited about learning.
August 3, 2015
Summer always seems to fly by. As fall approaches, families will start heading out to local stores and shopping centers for inevitable back-to-school purchases. This year, however, will be different. From August 7 through August 9, the state of Ohio will be instituting a sales tax holiday on back-to-school items to help families shoulder the costs of preparing for the fall.

Next weekend, clothing priced at $75 per item or less, school supplies priced at $20 per item or less, and school instructional materials priced at $20 per item or less will all be exempt from state sales and use tax. As a father of three, I know from experience that back-to-school purchases can be expensive. In 2012, the National Retail Federation estimated that the average amount families spent on back-to-school items was $688.82. This sales tax holiday will relieve some of the financial burden for families – especially families who are tight on cash.
July 20, 2015
"The momentum behind the Buckeye Lake Dam Renewal Project continues to grow," said Hottinger. “Rehabilitating Buckeye Lake Dam is a massive undertaking, but today's decision demonstrates the state's commitment to expedite the process as much as possible."
June 29, 2015
While our state government, colleges and universities have together taken significant steps to increase the affordability of Ohio’s higher education institutions, we recognize that more can be done.
June 25, 2015
“It was an impressive victory achieved by an impressive team,” said Hottinger. “We’re very proud to have this group of talented, dedicated young women representing the district. This victory speaks to their determination and ability.”
June 25, 2015
This year's victory marks the eighth state baseball title for the Newark Catholic Green Wave, who soundly defeated Berlin Center Western Reserve in a 6-0 final game at Huntington Park. Newark Catholic has played in the big ballpark for three consecutive years, winning the state title in 2013. 
June 24, 2015
"When we think of each one of these lives lost, we should question why abortion at 20 weeks continues to be legal. This legislation acts to protect unborn babies and their mothers, whose lives also come under serious threat from late-term abortions." 
June 18, 2015
"We needed more time to discuss the issue than the budget deadline allowed," said Hottinger. "I am confident that as we study the issue and continue the conversation with state leaders in historic preservation, the best way forward will become clear."
May 29, 2015
"Today's announcement by Amazon means more jobs, more economic development and more opportunity for central Ohio and western Licking County," said Hottinger. "Amazon and its subsidiary Valdata are the latest in an growing list of companies who call New Albany home."
May 27, 2015
Hottinger said, "Once again, national judges have confirmed what everyone in my community already knows: Guggisberg cheese is second to none. Richard Guggisberg and his team deserve high praise for the ingenuity, commitment, and attention to detail that make their products so outstanding."
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