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Matt Huffman
Ohio Senate Passes New Two-Year Transportation Budget
Bill Maintains Critical Funding for Road Projects, Rejects Fee Increases for Drivers
March 24, 2021

COLUMBUS—Senate President Matt Huffman (R-Lima) today announced the Ohio Senate's unanimous passage of legislation investing $8.3 billion to fund the construction and maintenance of the state's transportation system. The bill enhances safety, promotes commerce and puts tens of thousands of Ohioans to work.
“This transportation budget makes critical investments in Ohio's communities and local infrastructure," said Senate President Matt Huffman. “I am confident that House Bill 74 will improve the roads and infrastructure that Ohioans use every day and will enhance Ohio’s economy and promote job growth”.
Passed by the Senate with unanimous, bipartisan support, House Bill 74 provides funding for the Ohio Department of Transportation, Department of Public Safety, Public Works Commission and Development Services Agency.
"This bipartisan bill recognizes the need for a solid, statewide transportation infrastructure with an investment of more than $8 billion for the next two years," said Senator Kunze, Chair of the Senate's Transportation Committee. "Transportation affects and impacts every Ohioan. I am grateful to lead this process that places Ohio competitively on the global playing field; I believe this budget is not only fiscally responsible, but also sensible, equitable, and forward looking."

Among the bill's provisions included in the Senate-passed version:

Additional Funding for Public Transit: Increases state spending for public transit by $13.85 million per year for a total of $74 million in GRF over the biennium. This is in addition to the House increase in federal flex funding for public transit of $66 million over the biennium.

Funding Local Road Projects: The Public Works Commission, which provides funding and grants for local road projects, was funded at over $116 million over the upcoming biennium. This enables local governments the opportunity to improve the roadways within their jurisdiction.

Fixing Dangerous Pavement Slips: Provides an additional $2 million for the Public Works Commission for emergency road-slip repair, totaling $14 million over the biennium.

Repurposes Closed Weigh Stations for Safety Areas: Requires ODOT to reopen decommissioned weigh stations for safe, overnight parking for commercial truckers.

House Bill 74 now proceeds to the House of Representatives for concurrence. For real-time traffic updates and construction projects throughout the state of Ohio click here

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