Senate District 12
Matt Huffman
Senate Passes Bill Aimed At Scaling Back Administrative School Mandates
March 21, 2018

COLUMBUS - The Senate passed the Ohio Public School Deregulation Act today, legislation sponsored by State Senator Matt Huffman, designed to reduce the amount of unnecessary mandates and regulations affecting Ohio’s public schools.

"All too often what sounds like a good idea in Columbus translates instead to burdensome paperwork and tedious tasks that distract teachers and superintendents from their primary role in our schools—educating students," said Senator Huffman.

Senate Bill 216, named the Ohio Public School Deregulation Act, addresses a myriad of education topics and standards including teacher licensure and aide permits, Ohio teacher evaluation systems, state testing and student assessment, student management and safety, college credit plus and the preschool operating standards, all of which are either contained in the Revised Code or currently sheltered in agency rule. 

"These issues take up an absurd amount of teacher and administrator time and labor, which could be used more appropriately to deliver quality education to Ohio’s children," Huffman added. 

Senate Bill 216 will now go to the House of Representatives for further consideration. 


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