Senate District 5
Stephen A. Huffman
Senate Passes Bill Increasing Access to Medical Care and Flexibility for Doctors
April 21, 2021

COLUMBUS—The Senate today passed Senate Bill 6, sponsored by State Senator Steve Huffman (R-Tipp City), which would join Ohio to the “Interstate Medical Licensure Compact" (IMLC). 

This agreement between member states aims to provide an expedited pathway to licensure for qualified physicians who wish to practice in multiple states. 

"Entering Ohio into this compact will streamline the process for qualified physicians to practice medicine in Ohio," said Senator Huffman. "Thank you to my Senate colleagues for moving quickly on this bill to help increase quality providers and access to care for patients in our state." 

There are currently twenty-nine states in the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, including Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. In addition, 4 more states, including Ohio, have introduced legislation to join the compact.

To learn more on Senate Bill 6, click here.
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