Senate District 22
Larry Obhof
Obhof Initiative Reduces Restrictions, Makes Ohio More Business Friendly
June 26, 2013

Senator Larry Obhof (R–Medina) today announced the Senate has voted to modernize Ohio law, expanding the types of entities that are permitted to serve as a statutory agent. By expanding the list, Senate Bill 98 will remove restrictions, allowing for a more practical and competitive business environment. Obhof sponsored the bill along with Senate Minority Leader Eric Kearney (D-Cincinnati).

“Broadening the scope of entities to serve as a statutory agent will make Ohio consistent with the competitive market,” said Obhof. “This legislation advances our work at the Statehouse to modernize our laws.”

A statutory agent is a business or individual designated to be served legal documents regarding the business entity. Current law, dating back to 1955, limits statutory agents to individuals and corporations. Senate Bill 98 will expand that list and allow for easier service for Ohio’s businesses and non-profit entities.   

The bill will now proceed to the Ohio House of Representatives for further consideration.

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