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Larry Obhof
Obhof Issues Statement on Court Ruling Regarding Ohio's Congressional Districts
May 3, 2019
COLUMBUS - Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof (R-Medina) issued the following statement in response to today’s court decision regarding Ohio’s congressional districts:

“Ohio’s congressional districts were adopted with bipartisan, supermajority votes in each chamber of the state legislature. They have been in effect for nearly a decade and were already used for four election cycles. They are scheduled to be redrawn following the 2020 census, under a bipartisan process that the state senate spearheaded, and which Ohio voters adopted by a 3-to-1 margin last year.

Make no mistake, this politically-motivated lawsuit was brought for the sole purpose of helping Democrat candidates win more seats. It does so at the expense of Ohio’s voters, who would be forced to vote under three different congressional maps in four calendar years. That is bad public policy and is unfair to the people of Ohio.

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected similar challenges over the past year. We look forward to appealing today’s decision, and ultimately, to seeing it reversed by the Supreme Court.”
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