Senate District 22
Larry Obhof
Senate Approves Measures That Strengthen Workforce Development Efforts and Promote Job Creation
March 20, 2013

COLUMBUS — State Senator Larry Obhof today announced the Senate gave approval to several measures aimed at creating job opportunities for Ohioans and promoting economic development in Ohio.

House Bill 51 – the state transportation budget – will facilitate infrastructure projects across Ohio, potentially creating or retaining thousands of jobs.

The Senate also gave bipartisan support to Senate Bill 2, legislation that seeks to streamline and modernize efforts at the state and local levels to match job seekers with work. The bill links all One-Stop job centers in Ohio with, a statewide database of job openings that is available to both employers and to those looking for work. This will enable individuals to access a greater number of job opportunities.

“The passage of these measures sends a strong message to both businesses and workers that we are serious about putting Ohioans to work,” Obhof said. “We are improving our infrastructure, and the changes we are making to our job placement policies will help match hard-working Ohioans with the opportunities they need.”

Additionally, both the House and Senate gave final approval today to Senate Bill 28, which conforms Ohio’s tax code with recent changes to the federal tax code. Sponsored by Senator Obhof, the bill will save taxpayers nearly $14 million in fiscal year 2013 and help prevent complications when Ohioans file their tax returns. It also contains provisions designed to improve Ohio’s economy and make the state more attractive to employers looking to locate or expand in Ohio.

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