Senate District 22
Larry Obhof
Senator Obhof Urges Ohioans to Take Precaution Against Cold Weather
January 6, 2014

COLUMBUS– State Senator Larry Obhof (R–Medina) today urges all residents of Northern Ohio to take additional precautions over the next 48 hours, as dangerously cold temperatures descend on the Midwest.  

To reduce the risk of accidents, as well as health-related issues such as hypothermia and frostbite, the Ohio Department of Public Safety recommends that you minimize your time outdoors and travel only when necessary.

“All Ohioans should take additional safety measures while the weather is dangerously cold, as is expected over the next few days,” said Obhof.  “Driving only when necessary, and keeping outdoor trips to a minimum, will help minimize risks while the cold persists.”

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