Senate District 32
Sean J. O'Brien
O'Brien and Eklund Announce Sentencing Reform Bill
March 6, 2019
Today, state Senators Sean J. O’Brien (D-Bazetta) and John Eklund (R-Munson Township) introduced a full draft of their bill to revise Ohio’s drug sentencing laws.

“After years of the failed War on Drugs, we know now that our current approach is not effective. This reform will help us keep people struggling with addiction out of jail, while punishing drug dealers,” said Senator O’Brien. 

The bill creates new, harsher penalties for drug trafficking, while reducing penalties for the possession of small amounts of drugs and prioritizing treatment for offenders. The bill doesn’t change current laws when violations involve date rape drugs or fentanyl-related compounds.

In coming weeks, SB 3 will receive hearings in Senate Judiciary Committee, where it is assigned.

To watch today's press conference, click here.
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