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Sean J. O'Brien
O'Brien and Rulli Testify in Support of Electric Vehicle Tax Credits
February 4, 2020
Today, state Senators Sean O’Brien (D-Bazetta) and Michael Rulli (R-Salem) provided sponsor testimony in the Senate Ways & Means Committee on Senate Bill 257, legislation to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles in Ohio.

“Considering the rapid advances in electric vehicles and battery technology over the past few years, it is clear that the future of automobiles is all electric,” said O’Brien. “We see an opportunity to make Ohio the electric vehicle capital of the country. Not only does our state possess the skilled workforce necessary for such an endeavor, but it also has the right infrastructure and business relationships.”

The bipartisan bill incentivizes the purchase of electric vehicles by offering a $500 sales tax credit for the purchase of one electric vehicle for personal use; a $1,000 sales tax credit for each of up to 10 electric vehicles to be used for commercial use; and a $1,500 sales tax credit for the construction of charging stations for both commercial and personal use. The legislation would sunset after five years.

“Incentivizing individuals and fleet owners in our state to covert to EVs signals that Ohio is serious about an all-electric future, something which could prove instrumental in attracting more new EV business to our state,” said Rulli. “This is in addition to creating increased demand for EVs and other products associated with them, which could correspond to more jobs for Ohio’s already highly-skilled manufacturing workforce to fill.”

Today’s committee hearing was the first step in the legislative process for SB 257, with additional hearings anticipated in the coming weeks.

Additional information about the bill can be found here. Video of O’Brien and Rulli’s testimony can be seen here.
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