Senate District 32
Sean J. O'Brien
O'Brien, Eklund Introduce Resolution in Support of Camp Ravenna
State lawmakers push for selection of NE Ohio military facility as missile defense site
May 25, 2017

COLUMBUS – State Senators Sean J. O’Brien (D-Bazetta) and John Eklund (R-Munson Township) introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 8 this week in the Ohio Senate. SCR 8 urges the United States Department of Defense’s Missile Defense Agency (MDA) to select Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center in Ravenna, Ohio, as the preferred site for a future East Coast missile defense system. 

“Camp Ravenna, which straddles my district as well as Senator Eklund's, is currently being considered for a future system, along with sites in Michigan and New York,” said Sen. O’Brien.  “However, unlike Ohio, Michigan and New York have now hired lobbying firms in Washington to advocate for their states to be chosen as the site for an East Coast missile defense site.  It is for this reason that passage of this concurrent resolution is so urgent.”

The MDA is currently considering sites for the potential future installation of additional ground-based interceptors for homeland defense.  While similar missile defense sites already exist along the Western Coast of the US, no such sites currently exist along the Eastern seaboard. 

“Camp Ravenna is a critical part of our national preparedness effort and is uniquely positioned to enhance that role,” said Sen. Eklund.  “It also has been and will remain a vital part of our local economic picture.  I am proud to support and advocate for something so important to our community, our State, and our Nation.”

Not only would the selection of Camp Ravenna for this project provide a multi-million dollar investment in the state of Ohio, it would also create hundreds of new high-paying, high-education jobs for Ohioans.  Additionally, Camp Ravenna’s selection would increase its value to the US military, greatly decreasing its chances of closure by the federal Base Closure and Realignment Commission.  Though not legally binding, it is hoped that the Senators’ resolution will play a role in pushing MDA authorities further toward selecting the Buckeye State for the missile defense system over Michigan and New York. 

A full copy of SCR 8 can be viewed here.

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