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Sean J. O'Brien
O'Brien Testifies on Bill to Reduce Distracted Driving
May 20, 2020
State Sen. Sean O’Brien (D – Bazetta) provided sponsor testimony today in the Senate Local Government, Public Safety, and Veterans Affairs Committee during the first hearing for Senate Bill 285, his bill along with Senator Stephanie Kunze (R – Hilliard) to combat distracted driving in the state of Ohio.
“Far too many times, we have heard of people being killed in automobile accidents as a direct result of distracted driving,” said O’Brien. “With SB 285, we are hoping to make our roadways safer for everyone and save the lives of thousands of Ohioans.”
SB 285 would expand the definition of devices that cannot be used while operating a motor vehicle to include any device that can display a video or that can be used to communicate or exchange data. It would allow exceptions for first responders and for voice-activated or hands-free devices. The bill would also increase distracted driving from a secondary to a primary offense. SB 285 was introduced after bipartisan discussions with the office of Governor Mike DeWine and indications by legislators on both sides of the aisle that such legislation was necessary to save lives on Ohio’s roads.
“Strengthening our laws surrounding distracted driving will, we hope, act as a greater deterrent to anyone who continues to risk the lives of themselves and others on Ohio’s roads by using electronic devices while operating a vehicle,” said O’Brien. “Although we certainly encourage support for this legislation, what we encourage even more is for people to keep their eyes on the road, their hands on the wheel, and ensure they remain alert at all times while driving in and around the Buckeye State.”
Additional committee hearings are anticipated in the coming weeks. More information about SB 285 can be found here.
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