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Sean J. O'Brien
State Releases More Emergency Funds for Kinsman Bridge
October 8, 2019
Photo courtesy of WKBN News
State Sen. Sean J. O’Brien (D-Bazetta) applauded the recent release of additional funds to be used for reconstruction in Kinsman Township after significant rain destroyed a bridge there in July.

“I, along with local officials, Senate leadership and representatives from the Governor’s office, have been working hard to get the bridge in Kinsman repaired after it was washed out in July,” said O’Brien.  “Dozens of my constituents have been unable to reach their homes since that day and I won’t stop working until the issue has been fixed.”

Kinsman Township was one of several sites across Ohio designated as a disaster relief area this summer following flooding and high water throughout the state. According to the state Controlling Board, which released the funds, the additional dollars will support the State Disaster Relief Program (SDRP). The SDRP is a reimbursement program intended to provide supplemental state assistance to local governments and eligible non-profit organizations for costs associated with debris removal, emergency protective measures and permanent repairs related to weather-related damage.

“While I applaud this additional release of funds, we would be much worse off today had it not been for the quick response of Senate leadership and their recognition of the need in my district,” said O’Brien. “Because of this bipartisan collaboration with my office, along with state funding, a new bridge is nearly complete today and we can begin to turn our focus to making sure a disaster like this doesn’t happen again.”

In all, the Ohio Department of Public Safety's Emergency Management Agency requested the Controlling Board approve the transfer of an additional $2,843,832 to supplement state disaster relief efforts, with the total cost of the SDRP for this past summer estimated at $7,107,159.

Additional information about today’s Controlling Board release can be found here.
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