Senate District 17
Bob Peterson
Encouraging Students Not to Become, But to Be Leaders in their Community
April 9, 2019
COLUMBUS—State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House) welcomed students from the Youth Leadership Association (YLA) to the Ohio Statehouse for their annual awards ceremony. The ceremony took place in the Ohio House Chamber, and was presided over by Governor Mike DeWine.

"It brings me hope and joy to see such enthusiastic students with a natural ability to lead," said Peterson. "I encourage them to stay involved in the legislative process throughout their lives."

YLA is proud to support their mission of helping youth achieve their full potential by developing leadership and citizenship skills for a lifelong commitment to service through character-building programs that strengthen spirit, mind and body.

"It was also an honor to be recognized by this impressive organization with the Distinguished Service Award. I hope it can serve as an inspiration and an example to the students who want to do great things in their community," added Peterson. "Anyone, and everyone, can make a difference if they set goals and continue to work toward achieving them."

Anyone can get involved with YLA. Students are encouraged to register for a program and teachers and parents can get involved by starting a YLA Community Chapter. For more information email or click here.
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