Senate District 17
Bob Peterson
Partnership Creates Opportunities for Wilmington Air Park
March 28, 2017

COLUMBUS—State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House) joined Speaker Cliff Rosenberger this week at the Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Services facility at the Wilmington Air Park for a demonstration of a “cold spray” technology intended for use in the repair of corroded or worn parts on commercial aircraft.

"The Wilmington Air Park is an economic hub for Clinton County," said Senator Peterson. "I applaud this partnership and the collaboration between our universities and the private sector which play an important role in job creation and the economic growth of our state."

Supersonic Particle Deposition (SPD) involves a high pressure spraying process in which metal particles contained in a supersonic jet of an expanded gas impact a solid surface with sufficient energy to cause bonding with the surface. This additive manufacturing process builds up and repairs the metal part or surface without creating a heat-affected zone that would occur during welding.

Showcasing this innovative process, a live demonstration was conducted and a variety of repaired aircraft parts were on display at the event.

"The Airborne Team is very committed to this technology and the application of it to make a difference for our state, creating opportunities that are limitless," said Brady Templeton, President of Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Services. "Senator Peterson's confidence in our business and his interest are very much appreciated."

Senator Peterson played an instrumental role helping to forge this private-public partnership as part of the state’s most recent operating budget. The goal of the project is to obtain the first Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for SPD for the repair of worn and corroded parts on commercial aircraft.

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