Senate District 17
Bob Peterson
May 3, 2017
"It is my honor to recognize Avery for her hard work and vision, helping those who are experiencing difficult times," said Peterson. "We can all learn something from her generosity and ambition, and I look forward to hearing about the great things she will continue to do in the years ahead." 
April 27, 2017
"This is an important step in preparing Ohioans for the workplace of tomorrow. As our economy changes, so will the skills needed to secure a good-paying job," said Peterson. "Senate Bill 3 builds on our efforts to ensure that the workforce is ready to take on careers in our region's most in-demand professions."
March 28, 2017
"First responders put their lives on the line every day to ensure safety in our communities," said Senator Peterson. "I was pleased to support this grant application, in collaboration with officials from Gallia and Jackson counties, to help equip our firefighters with the resources necessary to protect families and property in the Village of Rio Grande."
March 28, 2017
"The Wilmington Air Park is an economic hub for Clinton County," said Senator Peterson. "I applaud this partnership and the collaboration between our universities and the private sector which play an important role in job creation and the economic growth of our state."
March 22, 2017
“This transportation budget makes a continued investment in Ohio's communities and local infrastructure while reducing unneeded state government regulation," said State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House). “I am confident that House Bill 26 will improve the roads and infrastructure that Ohioans use every day and will enhance Ohio’s economic and job growth”.
March 21, 2017
"I am pleased to see this project becoming a reality for the residents of Vinton County," said Senator Peterson. "Nowhere else in the state would you even think about a grocery store being the major issue of the county. The local resources and new job opportunities will surely improve the quality of life for area residents."
March 17, 2017
"The Commission plays an integral role in Ohio's legislative process, providing important support services for the members of the General Assembly on a daily basis," said Senator Peterson. "I look forward to representing the Ohio Senate and providing guidance to the Commission in this role."
March 14, 2017
"This announcement is great news for Ohio's small business owners and another indicator of our state's improving business climate," said Senator Peterson. "Small businesses are a major driver of our state's economy, and this rebate will allow companies to reinvest in their workers, equipment and technology needs." 
February 8, 2017
"Ohio's veterans have already paid so much in their service to our country," said Senator Peterson. "Eliminating this burdensome tax on the benefits that our brave combat-injured veterans have rightfully earned further demonstrates our commitment to improving the quality of life for our service members as they return home."
February 7, 2017
"Legislative fellows play an integral role in Ohio's legislative process," said Peterson. "With many fellows moving on to successful public service careers, this program is the perfect opportunity for recent college graduates interested in expanding their knowledge of state government."
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