Senate District 33
Michael A. Rulli
Senate Votes to Ease Restrictions on Ohio Fireworks
Allows Ohioans to Safely Celebrate While Enjoying One of America's Most Longstanding Traditions
June 2, 2021

COLUMBUS—State Senators Michael Rulli (R-Salem) and Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) today announced the passage of Senate Bill 113, which will allow Ohioans to legally celebrate certain holidays, such as Fourth of July weekend, by shooting off fireworks—as has been tradition for decades in the United States.

"Patriotic Americans have been, albeit illegally, shooting off fireworks in this state for as long as I can remember, without the safety measures included in this legislation," said Rulli. "With proper parameters and safety precautions, Ohioans will soon be able to celebrate our holidays safely, while enjoying this time-honored tradition."

The bill will allow individuals to discharge consumer-grade fireworks in Ohio on the following days:

- New Year's Eve/Day
- Chinese New Year
- Cinco de Mayo
- Memorial Day Weekend
- Juneteenth
- July 3,4,5 and the previous and following weekends
- Labor Day Weekend
- Diwali

"The bill also has huge implications for northeast Ohio businesses, like Phantom Fireworks, who have employed hundreds of people in Youngstown for decades," added Rulli.

Senate Bill 113 will now go to the Ohio House for further consideration. For more information on the details of the legislation, please contact Senator Rulli's Office at (614) 466-8285 or send an email to
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