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Michael A. Rulli
Senators Rulli, Johnson Push for Way to Safely Legalize Fireworks in Ohio
March 9, 2021
COLUMBUS—State Senators Michael Rulli (R-Salem) and Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) today testified before the Senate Veterans and Public Safety Committee on legislation to loosen Ohio firework restrictions, while ensuring Ohioans have the necessary information and tools to safely discharge them.

"With the proper safety information and equipment, Ohioans should be able to legally use fireworks that they purchase in Ohio, as many Americans can already do in other states," said Rulli.

Provisions in Senate Bill 113 would require all fireworks retailers to offer their customers safety glasses as well as provide safety pamphlets that outline the proper use of fireworks, and what to do in the event of an accident.

“Fireworks are as American as apple pie. They are almost universally loved by children and adults and have been a part of American culture since the founding of our great nation," said Johnson. "Ohio has had overly restrictive laws that are confusing and downright illogical since fireworks laws were reformed in Ohio in 1986. This bill we propose today will restore the rights of law abiding citizens to not only purchase but to safely discharge fireworks in Ohio.”

The bill also establishes the Ohio Fire Code Rule Recommendation Committee which will advise the State Fire Marshal regarding rule-making, including those surrounding firework usage, sale, and manufacturing and wholesaler licensing.

To watch Senator Rulli's full testimony on the Ohio Channel, click here.
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