Senate District 28
Vernon Sykes
Dems Vote Against Latest Skewed Unconstitutional State Legislative Maps
February 24, 2022
Today, Ohio Redistricting Commission Co-Chair Sen. Vernon Sykes (D-Akron) and House Minority Leader and Commission member Allison Russo (D-Upper Arlington) issued a statement today after the majority of Commission members voted to pass another set of partisan state legislative maps that fail to comply with the Constitution and Court requirement that maps must reflect the statewide preferences of Ohio voters who voted 54% Republican and 46% Democratic over the last ten years. If approved by the Supreme Court, the maps will last for only four years.

“I am disappointed – not just for myself, but for the people of the state of Ohio. Democrats were not involved in creating these maps, and we did not have the chance to provide input. With time and collaboration, the Commission could have amended the maps to make them compliant with the Constitution and the Court’s orders. Unfortunately, the public was once again shut out of any meaningful opportunity to analyze and testify on the plan, and Ohioans are once again left with districts that fail to meet the Constitution and the Court’s orders,” said Sen. Sykes.

“Instead of proportional and fair districts, the majority has again passed maps that fail to comply with the Constitution. It is disappointing that majority Commissioners refuse to work together, are flagrantly ignoring Ohio voters, and continue to defy the Supreme Court of Ohio. Quite simply, this is about a supermajority maintaining power at any cost.” said Leader Russo.

Democrats expressed concern that 19 of the House districts and seven of the Senate districts that Republicans described as “Democratic” are in the 50-52% Democratic index range. The last set of invalidated, unconstitutional state maps had 14 Democratic-leaning House seats and 5 Democratic-leaning Senate seats in that range. In contrast, there are zero Republican-leaning House or Senate districts that are in the 50-52% range in the maps adopted today.

Democrats introduced a state map proposal that complied with all constitutional requirements including reflecting the preferences of Ohio voters. This proposal was rejected by the Republican commissioners on Feb. 17.
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