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Vernon Sykes
Sykes and Schuring Applaud Passage of Business Certification Reciprocity Bill
February 10, 2022
This week, state Senators Vernon Sykes (D-Akron) and Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) announced that the Ohio Senate unanimously voted to concur on House changes to Senate Bill 105, their bill to create certification reciprocity for Minority Business Enterprise (MBEs), Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBEs) and Veteran-friendly Business Enterprise programs (VBEs). S. B. 105 will be referred to the Governor’s office to be signed into law. 

“We were encouraged by the overwhelming support Senate Bill 105 has received, as this legislation removes significant and unnecessary barriers for MBEs, WBEs and VBEs, and ultimately increases their access to more opportunities,” said Sykes. “In doing so, Ohio makes doing business for MBEs, WBEs and VBEs more seamless and efficient, while improving our state’s overall business climate for minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-based businesses.”

Senate Bill 105 allows MBEs to rely on their state MBE certification to be eligible to participate in local MBE programs. It would also allow MBEs to use their certification from the Department of Development for local government certifications throughout the state. This greatly simplifies the local MBE certification process, saving time, paperwork and fees for minority-owned businesses. It also allows MBEs to apply more easily for contracts around the state.

“I want to commend my longtime friend and colleague, Senator Sykes, for the leadership role he played in moving this bill forward,” said Schuring. “It is a good government bill that cuts bureaucratic red tape. Accordingly, it will improve the opportunities for minority-owned businesses, including those owned by women and veterans.”

The Ohio House of Representatives added a technical amendment to reflect the transfer of administrative authority over the state’s Minority Business Enterprise, Women-owned Business Enterprise and Veteran-friendly Business Enterprise programs and certifications to the Department of Development, as required under H.B. 110 of the 134th General Assembly.

Additional information regarding Senate Bill 105 can be found here.
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