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Cecil Thomas
Senator Thomas Announces $27 Million In State Funding For St. Bernard Elmwood Place City School District
July 14, 2016

COLUMBUS – Today, State Senator Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati) announced that St. Bernard Elmwood Place City School District has been selected to receive about $27 million from the Ohio School Facilities Commission for the construction of a new school building for grades Pre K-12.  

“I am thrilled for the students, parents, and educators in St. Bernard Elmwood Place,” said Senator Thomas. “This funding allows the district to build a modern learning environment that will benefit students throughout the community.”

The district will use the money to build one new school, which will be large enough to house all students in the district, grades Pre K – 12. The state will provide $27,062,550 to the project, while the district will contribute $5,940,560. The Controlling Board will have final approval over the project.

St. Bernard Elmwood Place City School District is one of 14 districts and one STEM Compact school that are expected to receive state funding. Each district is charged with acquiring their portion of the funding before state dollars can be released. They are expected to do so within a 13-month time period.

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