Senate District 9
Cecil Thomas
Senator Thomas Calls for More JobsOhio Transparency
June 6, 2018
Today, state Senator Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati) voted for House Bill 10, which creates a new performance audit report to bring long overdue accountability to JobsOhio, the state’s economic development entity generally shielded from public records law.

However, HB 10 did not include language to ensure that the new report is public record.

“Transparency is essential for good government,” said Senator Thomas. “JobsOhio has operated for years without being accountable to the taxpayers. The public deserves to know if JobsOhio is creating jobs, like it claims. I believe this bill falls short and won’t guarantee that right to our citizens.”

Senator Thomas introduced an amendment, which was tabled by Republicans during Senate session debate, to clarify that the new performance audits would be a public record accessible to all Ohioans. Senator Thomas’ amendment would also have added House and Senate minority leaders to the distribution list of all JobsOhio financial and performance audits.
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