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Cecil Thomas
Senator Thomas Testifies for "Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness" License Plate
December 1, 2016

COLUMBUS – Senator Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati) yesterday gave sponsor testimony on Senate Bill 361, which creates the “Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness” license plate, or TNBC for short.

The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation describes TNBC as a subtype of breast cancer in which the three receptors known to cause most breast cancers are missing.  A TNBC diagnosis means that the offending tumor is negative for all three receptors, giving rise to the term triple negative. Unfortunately, the most successful treatments for breast cancer target these three missing receptors.

“A constituent of mine, Josie Holloman-Adams, reached out to me about the loss of her daughter, Erica, to TNBC. Erica passed away at the young age of 35,” said Senator Thomas. “Josie established the Erica J. Holloman Foundation to honor her daughter, raise awareness about TNBC, and help fund research to one day find a cure.”

The Erica J. Holloman Foundation aims to raise awareness about and seek the prevention of TNBC through charitable, scientific, and educational means. The foundation notes that TNBC accounts for 20 percent of all breast cancer cases and is usually fatal to women of color under the age of 40. It is the main cause of breast cancer death in African-American women.

“A breast cancer license plate emphasizing TNBC will not only draw attention, it will make all of Ohio’s citizens aware that there are different types of breast cancer that all require our attention,” added Senator Thomas.

Proceeds from the license plates will go towards funding the organization’s educational and charitable purposes.

Senate Bill 361 received its first hearing yesterday in the Senate Transportation, Commerce, and Labor Committee. It was introduced by Senator Thomas earlier this month.

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