Senate District 9
Cecil Thomas
Thomas Condemns Abortion "Trigger Ban"
September 29, 2021
Today, state Cecil Thomas (D-Avondale) issued the following statement condemning Senate Bill 123, the so-called “trigger ban” legislation that would automatically outlaw all abortions in Ohio if the U.S. Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v. Wade. The bill, which had its first hearing in the Senate Health Committee today, does not contain any exceptions for rape or incest. 

“This is the most extreme bill Republicans have introduced to ban abortion in Ohio. The sponsors said the bill does not include exceptions in case of rape or incest because the victims ‘can always take contraception.’ This response is heartless and callous. It is unconscionable to force sexual assault survivors of any age to give birth as a result of a vicious and traumatic attack. This has to be one of the cruelest things to do to a person. I cannot emphasize enough that the decision of when and whether to become a parent should always be up to the individual, especially in situations where there is such pain and suffering. Furthermore, everyone should be able to decide what is best for their physical and mental health without interference from politicians. This extremism needs to stop. Ohioans have more compassion than this.”
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