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Cecil Thomas
Thomas: Grant Awards Will Support Healthier Babies and a Healthier Cincinnati
September 21, 2018
Today, the Ohio Commission on Minority Health announced that it has awarded grants to Southwest Ohio organizations dedicated to reducing infant mortality.

“These grants will support healthier babies and a healthier Cincinnati,” said state Senator Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati). “We know that black babies are much more likely to die before their first birthday here in Cincinnati and across the country. By investing in the reduction of Southwest Ohio’s infant mortality rate, we can help improve the health of black mothers and families, who experience these persistent disparities.”

Local groups receiving grants include:

  • Health Care Access Now - $155,000

  • Catholic Charities of SW Ohio - $3,194

  • Waldrop Health and Youth Ministry - $3,500

  • Santa Maria Community Services - $3,500

According to Cradle Cincinnati, 97 babies died in Hamilton County in 2017. Though deaths have decreased in recent years, when compared to similar-sized counties across the U.S., Hamilton County ranks among the worst 10 percent for infant mortality.
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