Senate District 9
Cecil Thomas
Thomas Urges State to Keep Open Southwest Ohio Clinic
January 15, 2020
Today, state Sen. Cecil Thomas (D-Avondale) urged the Ohio Department of Health to approve paperwork to keep Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio operating in the region.

“Now that the Mount Auburn surgical center has again met state requirements, we must ensure that they can stay open and continue to serve Southwest Ohio residents,” said Thomas. “Unnecessary closure of this health center would limit residents’ access to safe and affordable health care.”

Under state law, the Mount Auburn surgical center is required to have available four physicians with admitting privileges at a local hospital to assist in case of emergency. When a physician recently stepped away from this position at the Mount Auburn health center, the organization had to find a replacement doctor to remain compliant with state requirements. On Friday, the surgical center announced that it had found a replacement physician and was, again, meeting state requirements.

To read Thomas’ full letter, click here.  
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