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Sandra R. Williams
Alianna's Alert to Go into Effect Tomorrow
April 4, 2019
Photo courtesy of WTTE Fox 28
Alianna’s Alert, sponsored by state Senator Sandra Williams (D-Cleveland), will go into effect tomorrow, April 5, 2019. The law requires schools to call parents within 120 minutes of the start of the school day if their child has been marked absent.

“I am thrilled that Alianna’s Alert (formerly known as Senate Bill 82) will take effect tomorrow. Parents can now feel more secure knowing that they will be notified when their child does not arrive to school. Every second counts when a child is missing, and it is important that parents are informed,” said Senator Williams. “I am also thankful for the many constituents who reached out to legislative offices to express their support for this law. Their constant commitment and efforts are what really pushed this bill to the forefront and I am very grateful. This law takes the next steps in ensuring that our children are safe when walking or taking public transportation to school. Alianna’s Alert will be a constant reminder that the safety of our children should be our greatest concern.”

The law comes as a result of the tragic murder of Alianna DeFreeze on her way to school in early 2017.
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