Senate District 21
Sandra R. Williams
Senate Passes Williams' Reinstatement Fee Bill
May 29, 2019

Today, the Ohio Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 68. The bill, which was sponsored by state Senator Sandra Williams (D-Cleveland), allows Ohioans who can’t afford to pay the driver’s license reinstatement fees to perform community service instead.

“Each year, nearly one million Ohioans have their driver’s license suspended,” said Senator Williams. “Allowing courts to offer community service in lieu of these fees not only provides individuals with an option to earn their license back, but it also allows them to positively impact their community.”

The bill, which now goes to the House, will do the following:

  • It authorizes municipal and county courts to allow offenders to perform community service in lieu of paying driver’s license reinstatement fees.

  • It requires the court to provide documentation once the community service has been completed.

  • It creates a reinstatement fee waiver plan managed by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles through which an indigent person may apply for and receive a waiver of all reinstatement fees.

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