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Ohio Senate Dems Urge DeWine to Veto Concerning Budget Provisions
June 29, 2021
Today, members of the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus urged Governor Mike DeWine to line-item veto concerning provisions in House Bill 110, the 2022-2023 state operating budget, which passed out of the General Assembly last night.

“We ask for these particular vetoes because we believe they would help protect the most vulnerable residents of our great state and ensure that the next budget is fair for all Ohioans, particularly workers and families,” they wrote in a letter. 

Senate Democrats advocated for the governor to veto several education-related provisions. These include the policy that would eliminate the cap on the number of income-based EdChoice vouchers that can be awarded each year, in addition to the policies expanding voucher eligibility and increasing the amount of money given through vouchers. 

“Once again, the legislature is prioritizing increasing investment in private schools, instead of consolidating its investment in a thorough and efficient system of common schools that serves all students,” they said.

Additionally, Senate Dems requested vetoes to provisions addressing health care, including the medical conscience clause – which would allow physicians, hospitals and health insurance companies to refuse to provide or pay for medical services if they claim that doing so would violate their moral beliefs – and provisions that would put several reproductive health care clinics at risk of closure.

“Discrimination has no place in health care,” they said. “We cannot let the disparities we already have in our health care system worsen.”

Senate Dems also asked the governor to veto a provision limiting collaboration between local election officials and non-profit organizations and a provision allowing only the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House to intervene in legal challenges to laws passed by the General Assembly on behalf of their entire Chamber or the entire General Assembly.

Senate Dems also called for Governor DeWine to veto three tax provisions, which they say will increase the disparity between the amount that the wealthiest and poorest Ohioans pay in state and local taxes.

“The trials of the last year demonstrate how important public services are to our entire population,” they said. “These tax cuts will deprive the state of needed and sustainable revenue, providing little for the working class while contributing to a growing structural imbalance.”

Governor DeWine must make his line-item vetoes and sign the bill into law before midnight on June 30.

The full letter can be found here.
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