Senate District 25
Kenny Yuko
Yuko Condemns Senate Passage of Republican Congressional Map
November 16, 2021
Today, Ohio Senate Minority Leader Kenny Yuko released the following statement after the Senate passed, on a party-line vote, Senate Bill 258 – a congressional district map that continues to gerrymander Ohio’s communities:  

“Ohioans could not have been clearer about their expectations for Ohio’s congressional redistricting process: fair districts and fair elections to end gerrymandering. Our caucus heard them loud and clear. We tried to negotiate in good faith throughout this process and hoped to work across the aisle to get a bipartisan, 10-year map.

“The majority has said much about how competitive their map is. But that is not a constitutional requirement and should not be used as an excuse to ignore what the Constitution does require: fair maps. What is a constitutional requirement is that the General Assembly shall not pass a plan that unduly favors or disfavors a political party or its incumbents. This map unduly favors one political party: the Republican party.

“Unfortunately, the plan adopted today is even worse than our current map. It completely disregards the will of voters and heavily favors Republican candidates. It was rushed through our chamber in less than 24 hours, and yet it will impact our state for the next four years. It is disgraceful and entirely unacceptable.”
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