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Kenny Yuko
Yuko: Safety of East Cleveland Residents Priority of Elected and Community Leaders
January 7, 2020
Today, state Sen. Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, with East Cleveland leaders, visited the site where resident Terra Nolden was killed on New Year’s Eve and discussed efforts to increase pedestrian safety in the community.

Yuko issued the below statement following the discussion:

“East Cleveland has been shaken by the tragic death of Terra Nolden. It’s been a heart-wrenching week as the community mourns Terra and some have questioned their own safety. I’m encouraged to see how many residents and leaders have stepped up to ensure that we prevent any more unnecessary deaths.

“I am especially appreciative of Governor DeWine’s responsiveness. After I spoke with the Governor about Terra’s death, he took swift action to ensure that a traffic light is replaced in the area.

“I’m dedicated to improving the safety of residents in East Cleveland, and I’m encouraged that my fellow elected and community leaders have shown the same commitment. The East Cleveland community deserves to be just as safe as any other community in our state.”
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