Senate District 25
Kenny Yuko
Yuko Votes In Support of State Budget
June 28, 2021
Today, Ohio Senate Minority Leader Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) voted in favor of House Bill 110, the state operating budget for fiscal years 2022-2023.

“While I did vote against the Senate’s original version of the budget, I am pleased by the majority’s willingness to hear our concerns and work toward a compromise. This version of the budget benefits more of Ohio’s workers and families,” Yuko said. “I’m especially glad that the language regarding force accounts and the retroactive municipal income tax returns for those who worked remotely in 2020 were both removed from the bill during conference committee. There will always be room for improvements, but this is a big-picture budget that increases opportunities for all Ohioans.

“Like any budget bill, there were details where we disagreed. But despite our disagreements, we were still able to work together and produce a budget that will make meaningful improvements to Ohioans’ quality of life.”

The Conference Committee made the following significant positive changes:

•    Enacts Fair School Funding Plan
•    Phases school districts out of the control of academic distress commissions, including East Cleveland City Schools 
•    Maintains current law for unchartered municipal corporation force accounts that requires competitive bidding for highway projects
•    Maintains municipal income tax law for tax year 2020, for work-from-home related provisions 
•    Appropriates $350 million for brownfield remediation
•    Expands Help Me Grow to kids until age five years old
•    Allows Ohio to continue having flexibility in setting SNAP income and eligibility limits; removes restrictive Senate asset test requirements
•    Maintains the requirement that a licensed child care center stays in Step Up to Quality to be eligible for public dollars
•    Appropriates $250 million for broadband funding
•    Establishes Juneteenth as a legal state holiday
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