S. B. No. 221
General Assembly: 133
Short Title: Regards firearm protection orders/seller protection certificates
Long Title: To amend sections 2151.34, 2317.02, 2317.022, 2317.422, 2903.213, 2903.214, 2919.26, 2923.13, 2923.18, 2923.20, 2923.21, 2923.31, 2929.14, 2935.01, 2935.10, 2941.141, 2941.145, 3113.31, 5119.01, 5119.61, 5119.90, 5119.92, 5119.93, 5119.94, 5119.96, 5119.97, 5119.99, 5122.10, 5122.11, 5122.13, 5122.141, 5122.15, 5122.31, 5122.311, and 5122.99 and to enact sections 311.51, 2923.133, 2945.403, 5119.901, and 5502.71 of the Revised Code to provide for the issuance in specified circumstances of a Safety Protection Order to apply regarding a person who a court determines is under a drug dependency, chronic alcoholic, or mental health-related firearms disability; to specify LEADS and NCIC reporting and removal procedures for current types of protection orders; to require the submission to the Attorney General for inclusion in LEADS of findings of IST or NGRI; to modify some of the prohibitions under the offense of "unlawful transactions in weapons" and add new prohibitions and exemptions under the offense, including a new exemption if a state background check mechanism the bill enacts is used and does not indicate that the prospective transferee is barred from firearms possession; to provide in specified circumstances for the issuance of a seller's protection certificate under the new state background check mechanism; to increase the penalty for certain firearms-related offenses in specified circumstances; to modify the law governing the entry of arrest warrants into LEADS as extradition warrants; to expand the law regarding the provision of drug and alcohol test results to law enforcement personnel; and to provide a new exception to the testimonial privilege for specified medical and dental personnel regarding certain probate court proceedings.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Dolan
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