S. B. No. 9
General Assembly: 134
Short Title: Reduce regulatory restrictions in administrative rules
Long Title: To amend sections 106.021, 106.03, 106.031, 111.15, 119.03, 121.95, 4301.171, 4301.245, 4301.58, and 4305.14 and to enact sections 101.354, 101.355, 107.57, 121.031, 121.951, 121.952, 121.953, and 121.954 of the Revised Code to limit regulatory restrictions in administrative rules, to make various technical and corrective changes to the liquor laws, to amend the version of section 111.15 of the Revised Code that is scheduled to take effect September 30, 2024, to continue the limitations on and after that date, and to make an appropriation.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator McColley, Senator Roegner
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