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Elections, Tax Season, and New Hope for Foster Care and Adoptions in Ohio

This Week's President's Podcast Covers a Range of Crucial Issues in the Buckeye State
By The Editors
March 15, 2024
On The Record

It's your money first, not the government's. That's our firm belief and that's why President Huffman is talking tax relief this tax season on this week's President's Podcast.

He describes how most every taxpayer and small business in the state is benefitting this year from the reforms made by the legislature in the last budget. One big reason — there are only two Ohio tax brackets this year. That's down from nine just a few years ago. 

Election Day is this Tuesday the 19th. President Huffman details how Ohio's election system is under attack by foreign-funded organizations backing radical leftists operating in Ohio. These progressives want to overturn Ohio's voter ID law protecting the integrity of our system. 

They are also targeting a 2022 Constitutional Amendment passed by voters that stopped local governments from letting non-citizens vote. President Huffman details how these campaigns funded by groups outside the United States are combining with our country's border crisis to jeopardize election security.

The president also shares plans to solve a good problem to have — finding more funds for Ohio's Adoption Grant program. The reforms spearheaded by President Huffman to increase adoption incentives are proving more popular than anyone had expected.