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Brenner Announces Ohio Senate Distribution of $4 Billion in COVID-Related Relief

Funding Directed toward Law Enforcement, Schools, and Retaining Healthcare Employees
December 9, 2021
Andrew O. Brenner News
COLUMBUS—State Senator Andrew Brenner (R-Delaware) this week announced the Ohio Senate approved Sub. House Bill 169, directing $4.18 billion in federal COVID-19 relief funding toward law enforcement, schools and the retention of healthcare and childcare workers.

A large portion of the funding, $2.47 billion, is being directed to Ohio's schools, including public and private schools, County Boards of Developmental Disabilities, Educational Service Centers and Joint Vocational School Districts. Key to helping Ohio families recover from the pandemic, $639 million will be available for childcare grants, so families can afford this critical service as parents head back to work.

Additionally, over $1 billion in healthcare funding will be available to healthcare organizations across the state, directly targeted for employee retention.

“Our schools have incurred tremendous costs trying to figure out online and hybrid models that kept students engaged during the pandemic. It has been extremely challenging and costly, and some districts hardly received any money to support those efforts. For example, Olentangy only received $12 per student. With this new legislation, Olentangy will receive another $20.5 million, or about $988 per student,” said Senator Brenner.

In an effort to address the wellbeing of the Ohio's law enforcement and first responders, who face high stress situations every day, $250 million will be directed toward law enforcement agencies across the state. Of that, $175 million will help police target violent crime which has spiked across the nation. Read more about the plan by clicking here.

The total allocation in House Bill 169 comes from three federal COVID-19 relief packages: the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, the Consolidated Appropriations Act and the American Rescue Plan.