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Brenner Honors State Swimming Champion

May 10, 2023
Andrew O. Brenner News

COLUMBUS—State Senator Andrew Brenner (R-Delaware) honored 2023 state swimming champion Hudson Williams today by presenting a resolution recognizing his accomplishment. The Olentangy High School senior took first place in the Division I State Swimming Championship in both the 50 yard and 100 yard freestyle events.

"It's wonderful to win a state championship, but it's another to do it in record-breaking fashion," said Brenner. "This should help propel you to even greater accomplishments in life."

Hudson broke the state record in both the 50 and 100 yard events with times of 19.55 and 42.98 seconds, respectively. 

He had not broken the 20-second mark in the 50 until just last December. Hudson credited his dramatic improvement to his coaches. But he dedicated breaking the records to his team and his family.